Battle River Writing Centre is delighted to offer this exciting workshop by BAYEUX ARTS Digital and Traditional Publishing

About the workshop

Novelist, poet, publisher and editor, Ashis Gupta
completed his Master’s in Creative Writing from Boston University and followed this up with a Ph.D. in English Literature in what he believed to be a prime area of academic employment – 17th century English poetry. However, it just didn’t turn out that way. Instead, he taught at the Harvard Business School and the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, until 2003.

Author, Co-Publisher and Director, Swapna Gupta
has been a Clinical Psychologist at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, Calgary, Canada, for nearly three decades until her retirement in 2010. She completed her Ph.D. at Boston University. Whether in clinical applications, teaching, or real-life experience, stories are a vital force of evidence-based knowledge and writing.

Draw on memory, journey, wonder, insight and possibility
for an afternoon full of learning and writing.

For information and/or to register:
Call Jane Ross 780/672-9315
or email: source21@telus.net

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They fought the dogs and killed the cats,

And bit the babies in the cradles,

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And licked the soup from the cooks’ own ladles,

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