Celebrating Guru Nanak

Now available in ebook format, this award-winning title brings together diverse artwork, images and themed reflections to introduce the life of Guru Nanak. An ideal study resource on the Sikh faith for high school students and adults, it also makes an ideal gift for...

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Upcoming Poetry Workshop

Battle River Writing Centre is delighted to offer this exciting workshop by BAYEUX ARTS Digital and Traditional Publishing.

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They fought the dogs and killed the cats,

And bit the babies in the cradles,

And ate the cheeses out of the vats,

And licked the soup from the cooks’ own ladles,

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United in Hatred and Loathing

The French President, Françoise Hollande has described the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday 9/13 an ‘act of war’ and called upon France to unite in the face of this tragedy. Is it possible to unite in hatred and loathing?

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The Theatre of Politics

Slowly but surely, some of us think that something akin to a revolution is shaping politics around the world. I can already hear scornful, skeptical laughter greeting this tentative assertion. But hear me out.

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A Poem on Refugees from Abhimanyu Singh

We fled our homes
Fierce fighting broke out on our streets.
Now there’s no turning back,
Bombs turn homes to rubble.

We wandered for shelter for weeks,
My wife and I, two small kids.
We couldn’t take the stench in the camps,
Squeezed by thousands, hungry.
People going to Germany.

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“Yosemite” a 2015 Digital Book World Finalist

We are happy to announce that the enhanced eBook, “Yosemite: A Storied Landscape” has been accepted as a Finalist for the 2015 Digital Book World Awards. The winners will be announced in New York City in January 2015.

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Bayeux title featured in Chinese film

Journey to the West with the Stone Monkey,” a best-selling Bayeux title based on an ancient Chinese fable, has been featured in a Chinese movie, “The Old Classmate”. In the screenshot above, from the beginning of the movie, in an aircraft cabin, famous Chinese actor, Lin Gengxin(on the right) finds himself attracted by a foreign friend who has been reading the book with great relish for a long time.

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2014 Poetry in Transit

Bayeux Poet Derk Wynand’s poem from the volume “Past Imperfect, Present Tense” has been selected by Vancouver’s Poetry in Transit. Congratulations Derk.

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The Sunflower field near Donetsk

Like many of my fellow countrymen and I am sure many thousands around the world, I have elected to give parts of my body, upon my death, for transplants or medical research or any other purpose that these parts may be deemed fit for. It occurred to me to contemplate what value such a wish might have had if I were a passenger on Malaysian Airlines Flight 17.

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The West will never vanish

As long as we have stories, songs and paintings, the West will continue to live. Bayeux Arts has been fortunate in having discovered the great Twin Butte, Alberta, storyteller who is a writer, painter, musician, and real-life cowboy all wrapped in one.

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The Violent World we live in

The last few days have been terrible. One blow after another to shake our faith in human nature.
First, there was the spoilt and deranged, rich kid in Santa Barbara, California, who gave vent to his sense of rejection by women through the act of killing five students.

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Another Celebration – Indian Elections 2014

What a week it has been for India and Indians all over the world. Joy, elation, anger and frustration are some of the emotions that spilled over in the wake of India’s momentous national elections.

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A Modi-fied India

So the people have spoken, so to speak.
The incoming Prime Minister of India and his soon-to-be-formed ministerial cabinet have their work cut out for them, which essentially means cleaning out the filth and garbage of the past.

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The School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London has announced a gift of £20 million (approximately $32 million) from the Alphawood Foundation in Chicago to advance the study and preservation of Buddhist and Hindu art in Southeast Asia.

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The Rear Vision Mirror

When India held its first democratic elections in 1952, many thought it would be India’s last. The air of cynicism has dissipated over the years. Gandhi, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Jawaharlal Nehru, Vallabbhai Patel, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Sarojini Naidu and other great political leaders of sixty years ago have passed away.

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In Praise of Poets

Poets have given their lives for different reasons. Cinna the poet was killed by a Roman mob because they mistook him for Cinna the Conspirator, one of those behind the murder of Julius Caesar.

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Understanding, Faith and Courage

The unimaginable horror of five lives lost when something goes horribly wrong in one single mind has haunted many Calgarians over the past few days.

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Winged Spirits and Hope

Last week, a breakthrough research in spinal cord injury sent waves of hope and admiration across the airwaves. It highlighted another piece in the puzzle toward helping people walk again after such injuries.

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Marina Keegan

I wish to write about Marina Keegan today not only because April is National Poetry Month, but also because Marina’s life reminds me of a sad and lyrical sonnet – brief but deeply moving. I wish I had known her, but I didn’t.

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Poetry Month

Sometimes I think I can remember my mother singing me to sleep in my infancy. But that’s probably in my imagination, since I did see her singing, most likely the same songs, to my younger siblings when they were babies.

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