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Road to Ruin


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Road to Ruin is the story of a group of four na’erdowells in the early 1960‘s with limited super powers. Instead of dressing up as 1930’s wrestlers and fighting crime, they decide to emulate their heroes The Rat Pack by dressing stylishly and heading out on the road robbing banks and looting towns. They are The Bad Guys.
As the story progresses we see that despite their rough exteriors and foolish infighting, the group is actually a surrogate family who do care about each other. Their humanity is revealed when they have to fight for their lives against a group of monstrous government agents that make them look like a bunch of choirboys.
As the final confrontation unravels, it is revealed that their super powers may not be as limited as they once thought.
Get ready to root for The Bad Guys.

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Dimensions 9.000 x 6.000 cm
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They’re not the Good Guys




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