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Maximillian’s Mistake




Maximilian leads a perfectly ordinary life until one day his father contracts a mysterious illness. Before long his mother and each of his six elder sisters are struck down by the same malediction and with each passing day their condition becomes more critical. To make matters worse, Maximilian fears that the cause of his family’s misfortunes may be traced back to him and a single ghastly mistake he made, a mistake that Maximilian fears may lead not only to his family’s but ultimately his own tragic demise.

Jonathan Christenson writes darkly humorous – or whimsically tragic – plays, depending upon how you see things. Recent productions include: Nevermore, The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe and Frankenstein. He also directs and composes the songs and music for these plays and travels with them when they tour across Canada, the United States, England, Scotland, Wales and Australia. He works with Bretta Gerecke as often as he can because he thinks she’s quite simply the best.

Bretta Gerecke invents costumes and environments for plays and opera that make us wonder if we are dreaming or awake. Recent fun projects include Nevermore, Beyond Eden and Frankenstein. She is inspired by things that go bump in the night, magical moments in time, and people who love to laugh. She takes shows across the country and around the world with Jonathan Christenson because she thinks he is a genius.

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Dimensions 5.000 x 4.000 cm



padded hardcover


Ages 12 & up 20 b&w illustrations




Bretta Gerecke


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