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Matterhorn: Mountain Summer Memoir


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Virginia May grew up in post-WWII England, raised by a single mother. Unable to pay for travel abroad, she went to work in Switzerland to learn about a wider world she did not know. This book describes that trip, a transforming experience which she wrote about ten years later. The book chronicles her day to day life in an isolated mountain community, working sixteen hours a day with a multinational staff. The illustrations are hers.

Virginia went on to study History at the University in London, had a media career in newspapers and TV, married and then emigrated with her husband, mother and children to Calgary, Canada, in the 70’s. In Calgary she returned to University to study law, and chose to practice as a barrister. In her thirty year career as a civil trial lawyer, she believed she acquired the power to try and make justice available for all, and to make some real differences. She carried these skills into her parallel teaching and mentoring career for lawyers.


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