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Mathemagick: The War of Flat and Wonder



Following an unexpected visit from the White Rabbit, the creative abilities of the Wandering Stars are put to the test when they’re thrust into the middle of a skirmish between the absurdly playful Wonderland and the geometrically composed Flatland.  Can our cosmic crusaders broker peace between these two vastly different realms?

James Davidge is the Calgary-based author of the Driftwood Saga, a five novel series about a young camp counselor, raised on Ellesmere Island, who uses heartfelt magic to tackle many modern global problems and societal ills.

He has four other graphic novels out; My Modern Panic with art by various; The Duchess Ranch of Old John Ware and Thirteen Minutes, both with art by Bob Prodor; and Mathemagick & Mystiphysics with art by Jesse Davidge.


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