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Epic in its scope, JUDEAN DREAMS is a remarkable poetic journey across the sprawling saga of Israel. Rich, evocative odes pay lyrical tribute to the peoplehood of the Jews, spanning a vast range of religion, mysticism, politics, history, land, culture and romance. From rocky desert vistas to luscious mountain greenery, zealous rebels to discreet lovers, nostalgic memory to reproachful prophecy, the assembled narrative masterfully traverses the extensive chain of generations and the expansive landscape of the heart. Rekindling the age-old tradition from the Jewish poets of medieval Spain, JUDEAN DREAMS is a passionate paean which radiates in its intensity the soul of a nation.


Canadian Jewish News – JOSEPH SERGE

Canadian playwright and poet Brandon Marlon loves Israel.
That should be obvious to anyone reading Judean Dreams, his
collection of almost 150 poems, all of which deal with Israel
or Judaism.

“I am drawn to the history of Israel, the landscape and the
tradition,” Marlon, 30, says from his home in Ottawa. “It is the
homeland. Israel has captured the imagination of all people,
not just Jews.”
Judean Dreams is the culmination of a creative period he
had while attending the World Union of Jewish Students Institute
in Arad, in the Negev. It is divided into 10 sections, including
Memory, Tradition, Redemption and Jerusalem.

In one section, Admonition, he takes Israel to task for not
being flawless. In the poem Shy Guy in the Land of Chutzpah,
he writes: “Passive, civil and polite/Gets you nowhere in a
flash/Among high-volume car horns/Among vibrating hand
Marlon says that since its inception, the State of Israel has
always been in a struggle to survive. “Because of that, it hasn’t
been able to dedicate itself to politeness, refinements and all
the ‘trappings’ of civilization. Still, it’s done pretty well for a
61-year-old country.”
Marlon is not afraid to admit that maybe he pines for a more
romantic view of Israel. In Gates Decayed he writes: “And I
sense increasingly/That my century has been missed/But by a
mere millennium or two.”

“I would have been more suited to ancient times,” he says.
“I yearn for times that were simple and sincere and not about
owning real estate or getting a paycheque.”

His romanticism also reveals itself in I Have A Dream in
which he envisions an Israel where synagogues are packed on
Shabbat and the air is “congested with prayer.”
“Minds are at peace/ Hearts are overflowing/ Spirits soar
skyward/ All because Man walks humbly with his maker/ As
attending angels look on with envy,” he writes.

But if Brandon admonishes Israel, it’s only the way a loving
parent admonishes a child who has strayed. More than anything,
Judean Dreams is a collection of love poems dedicated
to Israel.

In Holy City Home, he writes: “O Jerusalem, how unlike any
other!/ If I were you I would blush red/ At all the words written
about you/ At all the lyrics singing your praise.”

In the section called Romance, this relationship enters somewhat
erotic waters. In Embedded he writes: “I am in you like a
crumpled note/ Tucked into a Kotel crevice/ Like each folded
piece of paper/ I will only be extracted from you for burial.”
Judean Dreams touches on all sorts of themes. In Torah he
touches upon the spiritual. In others he describes the landscape
or relates Israel’s histo

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