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Cowboy Embers




Imagine sitting around a campfire late evening in a ranch in Southern Alberta, the Rockies in the distance, with snow visible in the darkness, and a cool breeze blowing the embers from a glowing fire. Then the stories begin, simple stories of bravery, longing, tragedies, and even fun. That’s the ambience evoked by the stories Don Brestler recounts in this gem of a book.

With his inimitable drawings and knack for telling a story – simply and clearly – Don Brestler gives us a real insight into what life was really like on the range in the not too distant past in such sections of the book as “Out West” and “Cattle Country”. The great stories begin with the section “I Heard Tell” and carry on into “Cowboy Embers”.

A rare collection of ‘yarns’, some narrated in the voice of former cowboy Don Brestler himself, others through voices that are part of the history of the Canadian West. These stories are sure to please young an old alike, augmented as they are with illustrations drawn by Don Brestler himself.

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Dimensions 7.000 x 6.000 cm







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