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Art Inspired by the Canadian Rockies

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Brilliant chronicle of great landscape artists and what they saw in Canada’s Western Mountains

This book is about the plethora of artistic responses to the Canadian Rockies, Purcell Mountains, and Selkirk Mountains from 1809 to 2012, by mostly Canadian artists who were drawn to the region for a variety of reasons.
What did two centuries of artistic exploration in this area yield? Which works of art inspired by this uniquely Western landscape were created and how did they serve to create a distinct Western Canadian identity?
It is almost as if these mountains, standing resolute—and all along coextensive with the traditional Modern and contemporary responses to them and valuing their cultural memories associated with these artworks—seem to be saying: “Come and explore us. We offer infinite artistic inspirations and, above all, freedom. We will never let you down.”
A writer and curator of Alberta art since 1974, Nancy Townshend is the author of Maxwell Bates: Canada’s Premier Expressionist of the 20th Century. Resident of Calgary, she received her MA in art history at the University of Toronto, and is a Alberta Centennial Medalist.

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Dimensions 10.000 x 10.000 cm
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Purcell Mountains and Selkirk Mountains, 1809 – 2012




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