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A Natural Way of Business



Tourism depends heavily on nature. People go on tours because they want to get to a warmer climate; they want to get to more sunshine, to beautiful landscapes, beautiful waters…..For tourism, the environment is the attraction. If the environment is damaged, the business is damaged. Ted Kheel, co-founder of Grupo PuntaCana.

This is a record of remarkable efforts made in Punta Cana by a handful of dedicated individuals to save the environment and bring prosperity to the community.

Kathleen Zaborowski is Chief Development Officer of Henry Street Settlement, New York.

Udayan Gupta, formerly with the Wall Street Journal, is the best-selling author of ‘Done Deals’. He lives in New York.

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Dimensions 8.750 x 10.000 cm
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How Frank Rainieri, Theodore Kheel, Oscar de la Renta, and Julio Iglesias helped transform an Island economy




Pb (with French folds)




Foreword by President Bill Clinton


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